Sen. Pat Toomey (R PA)

United States Senate
Every Student Succeeds Act (S 1177 - enacted) Not a Cosponsor
Promoting Affordable Childcare for Everyone Act (PACE Act) Not a Cosponsor
Leveraging and Energizing America’s Apprenticeship Programs (LEAP) Act Not a Cosponsor
Speak Up to Protect Every Abused Kid Act Not a Cosponsor
Code Like A Girl Act Not a Cosponsor
Farm to School Act Not a Cosponsor
America’s Call To Improve Opportunities Now (ACTION) for National Service Act Not a Cosponsor
Summer Meals and Learning Act Not a Cosponsor
Mental Health Services for Students Act of 2018 Not a Cosponsor
Full-Service Community Schools in Distressed Communities Act of 2018 Not a Cosponsor

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455 Dirksen Senate Office
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Telephone: 202-224-4254

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Erie, PA 16501
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