Contact Congress: COVID-19 impact on afterschool programs

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly impacting families, youth, and the afterschool program providers who serve them. These concerns should be top of mind for Congress and the administration when negotiating coronavirus relief legislation. Congress just passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and now is considering a third and then, soon, a fourth coronavirus bill that must prioritize youth. Your Representatives and Senators must hear from you now on how this public health crisis is affecting youth, youth-serving organizations, and your community-at-large.

There are specific policy issues we believe will help support youth and ensure out-of-school-time organizations can navigate the impact of this crisis:  

  • $500 million immediate increase in 21st CCLC to cover programs now and address the increased need for summer learning programs this summer and afterschool programs next fall to help students at risk for learning loss 
  • Include financial recovery supports for non-profit organizations and small business afterschool providers in any congressional stimulus package
  • Due to the uncertainty of whether it is safe to keep programs open, don’t penalize afterschool programs (in particular 21st Century Community Learning Centers) that are grant funded for being unable to serve youth in-person
  • Fund afterschool programs that have been able to stay open and provide extended school-age child-care services for the essential workforce
  • Provide additional supports for supplies and services to keep facilities clean, safe and sanitary 

Will you ask your members of Congress to include these in stimulus packages? TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, please act now and urge Congress to prioritize youth in the Coronavirus response.

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